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Are you ready to be a leader and help shift the current paradigm
for women and girls everywhere?

Are your ready to reclaim your authentic sexual power and step
more fully into it?

the world with your presence as an embodiment of The     
Light of Womanhood and Priestess of the Flame!

Our Mission is to bring forth a new paradigm regarding how women   
and women's sexuality is viewed

The School of Womyn’s Mysteries is a mystery school dedicated to
bringing forth to the modern woman the ancient knowledge of matriarchal
sexual traditions. The women that once held these sacred teachings were
called Keeper's of the Flame. They were the designated guides and guardians
of this sacred knowledge.

School of Womyn's Mysteries brings these teachings back to modern
women in programs, classes and in an eight month training called
The Light
of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and Training
. This
program will support women to be leaders and teachers of this new/old way
of being and living in the modern world.

It is time for modern women to reclaim these ancient teachings of the Divine
Feminine and to bring them forward into the 21st Century for the New
Millennium woman. It is time for women to remember and understand once
again the sacredness of their sexual power and to learn to use it with integrity.

The time for these initiatory traditions to be given to the modern
woman is NOW!   Become a Priestess of the Flame and a Light of
Womanhood.  I answered the call, will you?


The Light of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and
Training     This is an eight month training that will take you on a journey   
woman's true sexual nature which is sacred, possessing an unparallelled
capacity to catalyze, physical, mental and emotional regeneration and bonding.

The Yoni Empowerment Ceremony and Playshop is an opportunity for you to
reconnect with a very sacred part of your body, your yoni or vulva. Join us in
celebrating the source of your feminine power.

Awakening to the Goddesses of Love Teleseminar. Explore four aspects of
the Goddesses of Love and Sexuality and learn how you can utilize their gifts
to become a more sexually confident, savvy and fulfilled woman. Sign-up for
this 6 week course beginning in April.

The Legacy of the Sacred Prostitute & the Holy Whore Teleseminar. Learn
the true story about these courageous women. Understand the legacy and the
gifts that these early sexual healers are bringing to us today. To find out more
about this new and exciting class click on the link.
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